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Recent Posts. Please do not conform to this society, as it will eat away at your emaan. The boy may learn about a girl through his mother, aunts or sister. How and why did these obstacles come about and how can they be removed now? McDonald Dating is not allowed in Islam. Sr Munira demonstrates a SUPERB understanding of fiqh and the axioms in shariah which must allow for scholars to take into consideration the time, place and culture of the people while examining the Ayaat and ahadeeth from which rulings are derived.

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Muslim Dating- What has become of the Ummah of Nabi?

To teach a child to question, research and understand instead of mindlessly reiterating the rules and regulations of proper Muslim life without practically applying it to our time period and our situation. Islamic courting is not a frivolous activity and should only be engaged in by two individuals who are serious about and ready for marriage both emotionally and financially. Since at that stage the topic proposed might not have been explored in sufficient detail, the initial proposal can consist of an outline of the study proposed. There is no harm in keeping that of your culture which does not go against Islam. But lets not forget that these people are not infallible, and the best guidance is that of the prophet saws. Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts.

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