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Anya watched the rest of Adam's message to Marcus about his Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon and after the area was cleared, stayed to help salvage what she could from the Sovereign's wreckage and rescue survivors. Anya wearily watched them leave, and Dom told her that she could not save everyone, and that the contaminated zones spread had slowed, so the citizens likely did not believe it would reach them. When they arrived at the core room, Anya raised two platforms for them, and then sent them down into the Hollow. When two tough guys tried to hit on her and would not leave, she punched one in the face, while Marcus took care of the other. Share on Facebook. When she finished, she activated the onboard comm system, and ordered all hands to prepare to leave harbor. Anya and the rest of the Gears and Bernez flew to the Stranded settlement, in order to warn them to stay away from the COG and to fall in line.

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After the first wave was defeated, Anya suggested to Hoffman that they leave before more Locust arrive.

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Anya was shocked by this revelation, and after the rest of the squad had offered their sympathies, Anya went with Bernie to another room to talk with her. Anya thanked him for the information, and put out an advisory about the sniper. KR followed them, carrying an APC. He assured her that Marcus would be fine, and to just get them out of there. Anya served once again as Delta-One's contact during their Mission to Montevadoand before they left, Anya told Dom that she was still looking for Maria. After a while, she started grieving for Marcus, believing him to be dead.

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